The Restaurants

Nelson Head and Kris Wolfe opened Dixie Bones on January 2, 1996 in Woodbridge, VA. They had just moved their operations from Capitol Hill where they had operated a popular restaurant and bar known as Head’s.  The day after they opened, there was a major snow storm closing Dixie Bones for several days. They reopened for two or three days and then it snowed again.  Max Aleman, who had worked at Head’s and had moved to Woodbridge, duly noted that his employers should be commended for their sound judgment. Max is currently a manager at Dixie Bones and is much cherished for his whit.

Since then, Dixie Bones has flurished thanks to the hard work of a dedicated staff and the many loyal and understanding guests and friends.  In May, 2010, Dixie Bones opened a second restaurant, an outpost in Fredericksburg, VA called BBQ Post 401.