Emory University Hospital.

Ansel Head and his sister took their mother to Emory University Hospital for some heart work; it was necessary because the heart surgeon in Birmingham who did these things had died of a heart attack a few weeks prior. 

The hospital is located on the university campus in Atlanta. Ansel immediately sensed there was much education going on around him, education which could not help but benefit him if he could only figure out what that education was. For two days, he observed everything. He learned nothing.  His trusty camera did, though, catch glimpses of those who knew where the education was being dispensed and appeared to be benefiting from it.

He posted his pictures in his Photo Gallery.

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  1. Ansel's younger sister. says:

    Very nice. The younger sister has been wondering what it looked like outside of our Mother ‘s hospital room . It’s for sure Ansel’s camera had nothing to learn inside those four walls.

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