Ansel Head had read somewhere that a Chinaman had once proclaimed, ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” Hoping to spare his friends and family the shame of having to pretend to read boring tomes of his education, he decided to recount what he had absorbed in pictures. And what better way to do that than in books.

But upon investigation, Head discovered that printing a book at Blurb costs money – way too much money for anyone interested in his education. He did, though, give a copy to members of his family, tested them with pop quizzes, and soon discovered what he had long suspected – his education interested only himself. Such is his plight in life. But given his psychosis as documented in his sister’s seminal thesis, The Male Ego Interruptus Syndrome, he perseveres in his efforts to document what he has learned.

To that end, he paid Blurb once more to publish his stories – this time in an Adobe PDF format. Now the books are free if anyone is ever interested. And Head is also free from having to buy his own books and force them upon a less than enthusiastic audience.

The books are listed below. Just click on the links and download the books. It will take a moment.

Unfortunately, technology hasn’t yet caught up with Head’s needs (or, more likely, Head hasn’t caught up with technology). To see the book properly, you must save the PDF file to your computer, re-open it from your computer, then go to the View tab at the top, pull it down, click Page Display, and click both of the following:  Two Page View  and Show Cover in Two Page View.  Forever thereafter, you can view the books as advertised.

Fishing With Cousin Rick, Continuing The Education of Ansel Head

An Education For Ansel Head, 2012 In Pictures


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